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Ayuda a domicilio a tu medida

ayuda a domicilio, Limpiezas Merlín

Merlin cleanings,,es,Merlin Cleaning and Services ©,,es se dedica con entusiasmo al Home Help Service, which is a basic feature that is intended to provide, in the home, a series of features of a domestic nature, social, psychological support and rehabilitation, individuals and families who require, for because they are unable to perform their usual activities, or any member found in situations of conflict psicofamiliar, thereby facilitating permanence and autonomy in the usual means of coexistence, counting with qualified personnel and supervised the effect.

cuidado de ancianosThrough these services, ayudamos a mejorar la calidad de vida de los colectivos más sensibles de nuestra sociedad: higher, disabled and all those who are at risk of social exclusion, with a clear vocation of service and to promote the full development of individuals, personal autonomy and social integration.

Cleaning Merlin has proven its ability to deliver services optimizing personnel and material resources, and incorporating improvements result of continuous reinvention and pursuit of excellence in their management models.

To provide this care is required, besides the will of society and government resources devoted, enormous logistical capacity and a complete dedication.

Features SAD


  • Support for grooming and personal care in order to maintain personal hygiene.
  • Help food intake, provided that the user is not autonomous to perform the activity itself.
  • Administration, a PROCEDE, simple medication prescribed by medical staff, and observation of health status detection and reporting of any significant change.
  • Mobility Aids in the home.
  • Company address.
  • Backing away from home to perform various steps, such as doctor visits, processing of documents or other similar.
  • Providing leisure activities at home.
  • Other personal care not covered in the previous sections, which can facilitate a relationship with the environment, etc.

empresas de ayuda a domicilioDomestic character

  • Washing and ironing.
  • Acquisition and preparation of food.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of housing.
  • Basic DIY home.
  • Making purchases and staples.

Of socio-cultural

  • Accompaniment to help arrange personal.
  • The support for cultural activities, Leisure and free time.
  • Transport users family homes.

Shares of family support

  • The temporary home support for respite in overload situations.
  • Training and advice for caregivers, psychoeducational groups and self help groups.
  • The sending of information documents periodically.

Nursing and home massage

  • Tracking control (hypertension, diabetes, healing of ulcers, change urostomy bag, etc.).
  • Shift tourist hotels or residences.
  • People with varying degrees of disability, disabled.
  • Massage at your home for all types of bone and muscle ailments.

cuidar personas mayoresHome Help Service is to provide families with little time, respite family. We have staff with extensive experience and training in the care of people.

In all cases, our mission is to provide personal attention, social support and help in household chores.

“Health, in physical terms, is part of one of the pillars of quality of life, welfare and ultimately happiness.”